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Welcome to SULEN, Sulen is a management survival text based game where you will embody the head of a city during a major economic crisis. You will have to nurture the population in your city, producing water, food, electricity and keeping them happy before they revolt, buy houses to expand your population and earn more money, build factories, restaurants, gardens to obtain resources.


Water: build water factories to gain water.

Food: build restaurants to gain food.

Electricity: build electric generators or nuclear reactor to gain electricity

Medicine: build hospitals to gain medicine

Hapiness: build parks to gain population hapiness

Population: build houses to gain residents

Supported OS: Windows, Android(soon)

Current Version: 0.5 Beta

Current best score: Unknow

Created by Enchant3d in C++


This game is still on beta, a lot of things can be added, if you see a bug say it in the comments!


SULEN 0.5 BETA.zip 407 kB

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